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Solar & Inverter System

  • WellCare Pharmacy Ltd.
  • Solar Energy Empowers a Greener Tomorrow
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  • Jul 23, 2023

WellCare Pharmacy Ltd.

Wellcare is one of the biggest Pharmacies and Supermarket in the North and often regarded as the best in Kano state. Wellcare pharmacy gives you the best services in terms of medical check-up, diet planning, wellness classes, counselling on drug use so as not to abuse the use of the drug with good prescriptions at a moderate price

It becomes essential to illuminate the genesis of any misconceived notions that discourage the pursuit of cleaner and more sustainable energy sources while glorifying the challenges of adhering to conventional power methods.

WellCare, a forward-thinking homeowner, sought a sustainable energy solution.
We designed a solar panel system tailored to Mr. Johnson's energy consumption.
Installation was completed seamlessly, including panel positioning and electrical integration.
Results: WellCare energy bills reduced by 40%, and he became an advocate for renewable energy.