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Transforming Security

  • Tahir Guest Palace
  • Transforming Security for Tahir Guest Palace
  • NGN
  • Nov 23, 2021

Tahir Guest Palace

Tahir Guest Palace is a 3-Star hotel located in the business capital of Northern Nigeria. It is situated on 4, Ibrahim Natsugune road, Kano, Nigeria.
Tahir Guest Palace boasts tastefully furnished rooms that present a luxurious lifestyle. It has a total of over 300 rooms

We design and install a comprehensive CCTV security system for Tahir Guest Palace, the philosophical concepts expressed in the passage can be related in the following way:

Tahir Guest Palace required a robust security system for their expansive campus.
We proposed a comprehensive CCTV system with advanced analytics.
Complex installation process managed efficiently, covering all vulnerable areas.
Results: Tech Innovators Inc. experienced a 60% reduction in security breaches, enhancing employee safety and asset protection.